• Server consolidation

  • New application deployment

  • Virtual desktops

  • Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Cloud Storage

What would happen?

If you could reduce the number of physical servers in your office?

If you no longer had to pay for storage space, air conditioning and hardware for your servers?

If your staff could work without full computers on each of their desks?

If you didn't need to install all programs on every computer yet still access the applications?

If a computer crashed, but no data was lost?

If you didn't have to be "stuck" with your old machines?

If you were not locked into specific technology and services?

If you could work anywhere at any time?



Can Help

It can be very expensive to store all of your data and run all of your applications on servers at your location. You have to keep in mind the cost of the hardware, the square footage you will need and even the cost of air conditioning. We can move all or some of your data to reduce these expenses.

We can also help set things up so you can work from anywhere at anytime - and even help prevent data loss if a computer crashes.